Saturday, January 9, 2010

The future content of this blog

Here’s what I’m planning/hoping/betting will show up in this blog.

Behind the scenes material, it’s a given subject and I know video is always more fun so I will do my best to keep the images flowing ;-). Most transparency will of course be given for my personal portfolio projects, where no clients will have opinions on what to share. (complete list after the jump, click the link below)

Fashion, makeup, music and art. In the BTS material I will try and persuade people I’m working with on the different projects I do to share part of their thoughts, knowledge and experience through this blog. I will also try and bring these subjects up in a more spontaneous and general sense without the pretext of me talking about my projects.

Insights and ideas shared by industry people and other visual artists and professionals. I’m no journalist and I don’t have hundreds of important friends (yet) but I think this is a possibly great item to have in the blog.

Inspiration. My thoughts on inspiration and the different aspects of working with creatively demanding projects.

Photography, Photoshop and lighting techniques. There are very many very good sources for lighting and Photoshop recipes on the web, so I will not even try and compete there, instead I will focus on the technical aspects of the creative decisions one have to make all the time, mainly using my pictures as examples.

What did I miss?
Everything and nothing, probably. This blog will of course be dynamic and follow my photography career and the experiences I make. I’m sure I will find plenty of other subjects to talk about as well as ditch some of the ideas mentioned above. At least now I have some sort of goal, and that’s important for any project.

If you have some suggestions yourself, please leave a comment.

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