Monday, January 11, 2010

Harvesting ice

Went out today to gather some ice, one of very few benefits of living in Sweden during the winter period. It’s for a project I’m hoping to pull of next week and if I do you can rest assured that I will share it here. (Unless it totally blows).

There’s not a day that goes by during this very dark and cold period that I don’t envy all shooters in the warmer countries. But hey! To be creative does not depend so much on what actual conditions you live under but rather the possibilities you can identify and how you act on them.

Some more pictures after the jump, click the link below.

Another positive side of Swedish winter is that my balcony transforms into a huge freezer. And perhaps it seams like I'm being all negative and complaining about Sweden, but for the record, I wouldn’t trade the Swedish summer for anything.

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