Thursday, January 21, 2010

Message to all you struggling artists

I love working with un-signed or semi-established independent artists and performers, partly for the satisfaction of being part of some sort of the constantly evolving independent art scene. Most of you struggling artists don’t have the capital to afford a professional photographer so here’s a deal.

If you can provide me with compelling arguments that:
a) you are struggling in some sort of independent manner with your art
b) you have totally high quality material
c) and you have a great idea for how professional images would help you

If you provide me with those arguments (contact details are here) you will have a chance to receive SUPER SPECIAL TREATMENT, i.e. I will provide you with the images you need free of charge, moving images or stills doesn’t matter as long as we can do it all within one day. More details after the jump, click the link below or in the header.

This is more of a semi-official project than a standard marketing campaign/competition, and who or how or when I choose will be totally up to me. I will probably pick a group of finalists from which I will randomly select a winner. Of course I will not let my personal preferences rule supreme but there has to be some serious potential in you are to have a chance.

Most artists who fulfill any two of the three requirements above usually receives special treatment by me but as I need to pay my rent, put food on the table and run a business I will usually need to charge some money on top of the possible pile of signed CDs and T-shirts and or concert/show tickets that I might accept as partial payment.

I will also accept applications from artists anywhere as long as you can come to Stockholm for the shoot or if you live in a warmer country and you can pay for the air fair :-). And just to clarify, I’m not discriminating against any art form, music is naturally the biggest player but I love dance and theater etc.

It will probably take a couple weeks before the winner gets picked but I will post updates and announce the winner via this blog so it might be a good idea to subscribe to the RSS-feed. I also strongly suggest becoming a fan of my Facebook page and to become a friend of mine over at Myspace as well.

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