Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beckmans "in a perfect world" fashion videos

In a perfect world… life is not a problem to be solved from Beckmans College of Design on Vimeo.

"In a perfect world" is a project arranged by Beckmans Collage of Design in Stockholm. It's a film based collaboration between the final year students of fashion design and commercial and graphic design. It's a bunch of great films of which all of them are worth to check out in very high resolution over at Beckmans official site. The fashion films are also published via Vimeo here.

My favorite video is the one on top but I also found some, according to my eye, pure gems that I will share after the jump, click the link below or in the header for the full post.

In a perfect world… independence is tributed from Beckmans College of Design on Vimeo.

In a perfect world… unpredictability is absolute control from Beckmans College of Design on Vimeo.

All the videos as well as the clothes are displayed for a few more days (until feb 7) at PUB in stockholm. Personally I wasn't to impressed with the exhibition, a crowded and noisy department store is not the perfect arena to display such a project.

When I first heard of this project I felt very inspired. I'm convinced that this is the beginning of a new trend, correction, standard for the fashion industry. It's my prediction that still images will always dominate but video will be more a rule than exception when it comes to displaying fashion to the wide internet audience.

I've been working on a similar project on my own, but I need to wait for the spring before it can be realized, have I ever before mentioned that I'm really bugged by this cold and extremely dark period of the year called winter?

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