Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hair n' Horns fashion shoot, BTS n' retouching video

Model: Elle F.
Horn/Hair-stylist: Camilla M.
Makup: Christina C.

The picture above is from a recent portfolio shoot i did with the crew listed above. I must admit I was quite amazed by the hair horn thingies that Camilla made. I’ve never worked with such advanced hair styling before and as a photographer it was quite a challenge to get the right feel for it. I actually had to relight the scene halfway through the first styling as I realized it didn’t work 100%. I’m happy I did because the results are totally ok in my opinion.

Above is my first ever blog published BTS-video so I hope you all appreciate it. Unfortunately I don’t have the simultaneous capacity to film myself while shooting so it shows only some of the styling and prepping of the model as well as the full tour in Photoshop afterwards. As the final look of these images rely quite a lot on the retouching I think the video gives a very transparent view of how they were realized.

Mor video stuff and images after the jump, click the link below or in the header to read the full post.

The film is quite long and yet the Photoshop part is speeded up from about 40min of work to ca: 3min of video. If you want a longer more slowly paced version please check out my Facebook fan page where I have uploaded a 9min video of the Photoshoping for you who would really like to analyze how I achieved this look. While you're browsing the fan page, please take the 2 seconds it takes to click the become a fan button, it's on the fan page I will publish more in depth BTS material among other stuff.

I’ll be the first one to admit that this video is not the best PS-tutorial on the internet but if you know your way around in Photoshop you should be able deduce and reverse engineer most of the steps involved. I wish I could spend more time on explaining all the steps in detail, but as it won’t pay my bills I’m afraid I can’t. And for the record I'm using PS CS4.

And to finnish up this post, here are a few more final images:

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  1. Very nice photos and a nice video to.
    Always fun with some behind the sceans footage.