Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flattr, useful if you have a blog or share art online

Maybe you've noticed the recent addition of a Flattr button on the bottom of my blog posts. I'm helping out with the beta testing of the all new Flattr service.

It's basically a "click if you like"-button that can be linked to content you share on the internet, blog posts, forum posts or online art etc. The perk is that it doubles as a micro payment service. To be able to click or to have your own buttons you have to be a member. As a member you pay a minimum of 2€ a month and that money gets distributed to the ones you've clicked. If I only find two blog posts I really like one month and decide to click them, the owners of those blogs would receive the hefty sum of 1€ each. It's not much but mathematically it's infinitely more than nothing.

I decided to give it a try, not that I expect or plan on making any real money out of this blog, I mainly wan't to be able to show my appreciation to all the bloggers and contributors to forums and art scenes online.

For me to be able to give you your fair share of my 2€ a month do check out the Flattr website and sign up for an invitation to the beta membership. Once you are a member give me a shout in the comments to this post, or through any other means. I'm finding it a hard time finding flattr buttons in the areas of the internet that I

Remember though that as of today they charge a 19% service fee, 10% on deposits and 10% on withdrawals. I'm hoping, and betting, this fee will be reduced otherwise I might decide to leave their service, but I really find it a good initiative worthy of a serious attempt.

And also if you don't find anything you like, your money will be sent to charity automatically.

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