Friday, May 28, 2010

Practicing your photographic vision

To my experience one of the best methods to learn lighting is to look at great photographs and take them appart mentally. If you are a decent photographer I'm sure you've done that a couple of times. What about the other building blocks of the image? When I look at a great picture today I try to decipher it's message and then look at how the other parts of the image adds up to convey that message. The look of the models, how they are positioned, what the styling elements and clothes look like etc.

If you haven't attempted to deconstruct an image like that I suggest you do. And of course, I'm very narrow in my preferences but this method can be applied to all type of photography and not only fashion and portraits.

And most importantly, this is a tool to understand an important part of photography. I'm not suggesting that you should build your style and vision based on the style of other photographers, your personal style must always represent what's unique about you.

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