Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why so few blog posts during the summer?

Work & money!
It was a clearly outspoken goal for me to generate enough revenue from my photography this spring/summer to at least break even and perhaps also pay part of my rent. The harsh reality is that I failed that goal, I managed to land a couple of assignments paying for some of the gear but the numbers are still way in the red, so I felt I needed to take a summer job when I got the chance earlier this summer.

So, the last couple of weeks I've been working from 07:00 till 16:00 plus overtime with maintenance at a major steel industry located in the town where I grew up and my parents still live. It's messy and dirty and most of the times the work is heavy enough for me to skip working out afterwards without feeling bad about it ;-) But it's been a good time and I have lot's of energy now for more photography and blog writing. (as well as a cash buffer)

The major problem with me working and blogging is that 90% of my blog posts are written in the early morning hours, that's when I'm the most inspired and my thoughts are the clearest. Due to the work Iv'e been a bit too tired to come up with interesting blog posts in general and I've also been a bit too pressed for time to have done to much interesting stuff with my photography that I could write about. The little photography I've done (that's not unfit for the blog) I have shared.

Anyhow, I have a blog post under construction where I will share some of my thoughts about the business side of photography, and I'm on my last week of work now so I'll be back in full soon.
Stay tuned.

P.S To be perfectly honest (which I always am of course) the release of the computer game Starcraft 2 has played a part in me not dedicating enough time on the blog, but hey! We all deserve vacation from the real life some times don't we, and who's gonna save the universe if I don't do it?

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