Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion retouching explained, change background using alpha channel and layer masks

Finally, after way to long time, I managed to get around and actually finish up this tutorial video I've been promising since this post .

I show and talk about how to use the alpha channel tools in Photoshop to build very good layer masks that can be used to replace or manipulate the background (or other selected parts of an image).

I'm not a very experienced videoblogger and the sound quality from my mic isn't the best, and on top of that Youtube managed to mess up the quality a bit when the file was uploaded, but that is all cosmetics. If you are having trouble masking out details in photoshop I'm sure you can learn alot from this vid, and that's why I published it. If something is unclear please let me know.

Best of luck with your projects, and if I actually manages to inspire or help you out, I would love to hear about and perhaps se the results (that would makes these efforts much more worthwhile).

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