Sunday, July 10, 2011

Like a real photographer!

Don't worry I'm working on it, I'm actually working extra hard just for you *_^

But wow! The amount of work that goes into creating analogue photography is crazy, it's been a couple of years since I last developed real analogue film and worked in a darkroom and I had almost forgot how complex and time consuming it is. (and now I'm only developing and scanning, i.e. no real darkroom action). It would have been nice to enjoy the sun and warm weather this weekend but I don't mind it, feeling like a "real photographer" is so much fun and totally worth the hassle.

and also
Wow! The look and feel of the images is amazing. I will not say to much now because hopefully I will publish a blog post showcasing a nice selection by tomorrow. So please stay tuned

I have almost finished a video tutorial for that P.S. background substitution I did in the last project I published. Stay tuned for that as well.

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