Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Roskilde festival, may I fall in love and kiss you?

Only a fool would care about the mud and other real world problems. In the festival world of Roskilde the only sane thing to do is to embrace everything. The only thing I regret this year is not having enough courage, energy and sanity to have embraced all about this years festival more than I indeed did.

I came home late yesterday evening and I'm already totally nostalgic and post party melancholic. Saturday was especially epic for many reasons, among which the Strokes and Deadmou5 stand out in particular. Seeing PJ Harvey and MIA was also extremely great. But it's of course the people and the atmosphere that gives the strongest impression.

I'm not bringing this up only to namedrop great artists, it's sort of a teaser for a photography project I did during this years festival. I actually bought an old analogue Canon and bunch of black n' white high speed film just for this years festival. I shot about 6 rolls and I'm going to develop them this weekend and see what I managed to capture.

My intention was to catch a glimpse of the beauty within all the chaos and I'm pretty sure that I have some wonderful frames on those rolls just waiting to get discovered (analogue photography is so exciting compared to the instant feedback of digital). I'm also pretty sure that on most of the frames the exposure and focus will be way off (try shooting 100% manual with to much alcohol in your blood and you'll know what I mean), but I'm confident that for this project, way-off wil be just perfect. We'll see...

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