Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wedding photography, mingle pictures (part 1)

As promised in this post here is a sample of the documentary style photographs I created during the ceremony and party on the wedding gig I did this summer.

I wasn't to sure I would like the whole wedding photography deal, it's very stressful and you have a very high responsibility, but now afterwards I can say it was great experience.

If you have any questions or just like the series please comment below.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Urban fashion, Susanne

Model: Susanne.
Design & styling: Emilie
Photography & retouching: me Mårten Keijser

I was planning to get these images online last week but unfortunately I was struck with a terrible stomach flu forcing me to stay in bed all weekend. But that's all history now.

I'm as usual very happy with the result, but please, if you have any comments do share below. There are some interesting photoshop action going on that I could talk about, but I will only bother with a tutorial if there is some popular demand for it...

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