Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#schtekare from the direcotor of photography

You have to check out this video project that we created during the last couple of weeks.

I was in charge of the filming and editing, finding the angles and assisting in making the idea shootable.

I know the lyrics doesn't make much sense for you english speaking readers but I'm quite proud of the photography in this vid so I'm sharing it here anyways. ;-)

I was thinking about making a technical post about what gadgets and gear I used to create the scenes, please let me know in the comments if there is anything you'd like to know more about.

And of course, if you think it's cool, by all means show it by sharing it or clicking like on Youtube or Facebook or Twitter etc. etc. You know we all would appreciate it immensely.

Jag var ansvarig för att filma och redigera videon ovan. Ett superkul projekt med den mycket energiske och roliga Lennart Bång. Vi var verkligen ett superteam och statisterna var guld.

Om det är något ni vill veta om den tekniska / fotografiska biten så får ni gärna skriva så i kommentarerna eller på Twitter eller vadsom så kan jag prata mer om det.

Om du gillar videon, varför inte gilla den youtube och facebook etc. du vet att vi som står bakom den skulle uppskatta det nåt oerhört.

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